Ryan (dumblepercaun15) wrote,

the stars in your eyes light up the sky.... angels and airwaves the way it should be.

first of all, youtube needs to cut this add shit out. It totally breaks the vibe of the progression. on to groove shark I go to make the transition clear. SO my chick saw I was using incognito mode on chrome. I didn't want to her to know that I writing in a journal. Is that so bad I just wanted somewhere to vent on the internet that could be not viewed by parents or loved ones? Oh well. I really miss my dogs. Like a lot. My Fred should be around still kickin it, he died at the age of 8. Not ok, neglect at its best. I don't want to get into it to be honest.

Have you ever looked at yourself and just wished you had taken a different route? You are stuck with your choice and don't have a fucking choice to turn your head and open the door to let you out.
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