Ryan (dumblepercaun15) wrote,

hello children

I am sitting here with my big kutty Garfield. I am doing a little thinking back on my past as always... I remember the days a little place called Camp Eagle Rock.... I met the most amazing people there. I used to hate going there because it was the drop off point for my parents to ditch me. Then I met a bunch of awesome people that made my time there amazing and I still wish i had a relationship with them to this day. But people move on, get married and move away. I am still here. But on a new path... just like everyone I wish I had taken the left instead of taking the preverbal right, but then again thats what makes life fun. We make choices and have to live with them. I cant believe that I can actually say if I was ten years younger I wanted to be a screamer in a band.... Between you and me I still do :) hahhaa old habits die hard. To be completely honest its all good. I am who I am and that works out just fine for me.
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