Ryan (dumblepercaun15) wrote,

wasssup guyssss

soooo ive just been basically chillin and yea... nothin too great... ive been able to go out a little bit which is nice... speaking of which im going to the battle of the bands tonight.... licaaaaaaa nigga hahaha and i got my hair cut super short... cause ya i duno... i look hott though... im on the prowl tonight... get my beer googles goin... i have been super good lately too.. like all my bogus habbits arnt so important to me anymore which im hella pumped about

ummm i might be working at this camp near jackies school so she bettttttttttttter be a rad friend and come get me and show me that apartment of hers... hehehe .... but yea ill make liike 3 grand so that will be gnarly... deff need moneys for BC 

speakin of which i cantttttttttttttttt wait to get the fuck out of here
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