Ryan (dumblepercaun15) wrote,

emily carrrrr

dude... ok so yesterday was exactly what i needed to turn a frown upside down... i got accepted into emily car institute of art and design.... 

i get kicked out of highschool for drinkin my ass off... and still get into my college of first choice... that is fucking lucccccccccky hahaha but hell im not gonna let this chance go to wast e... im on my way to doing what i actually want in life wich is be in the film industry... im just pumped im not wackin off all next year in some half rate community college 

so me and my bro kain are gonna live in this bomb ass apartment hopefully on granvil island... which is where the school is... o for those who dont know Emily Carr is in Vancuver BC... which if uve known me at all these last 5 years u would know ive wanted to go there since forever ago ... everybodys welcome to visit... 

i actually want it to be september already haha
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