Ryan (dumblepercaun15) wrote,

not all that shines is golden...

i parked the car in nuetral,
we watch it roll down the hill in awe,
your shoulders are my comfort,
my waist is your steering wheel,
lead the way to your secret...

i gaze as my words slip and fall,
my feet mimic the same fate,
do you feel my breath on your neck?
fuck two fingers,
i feel your pulse with my lips,
did you hear me whisper?
or must i speak up?

I feel closer to you now,
more than ever,
i wrote you something beautiful,
but my eyes stray,
but not far from the essence,
my chest rises and falls,
you screamed,
though loud i cant make out a reason,
lights are due to go out soon,
so say your peace,
i am out of time,
i love you,
feel closer to me.

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